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New original mini-episode: Mike's Madness
It seems this "Rott Source code" forum has become the de-facto forum on this site for all things ROTT (not just source code), and I've seen others post their own levels here, so I figured I'd do the same.

Originally created as a seven-level episode, I have split up my larger levels (due to limitations of the game engine) to make 15 separate levels. These levels are quite difficult times, make use of various engine "quirks" for several interesting effects, and contain several interesting "puzzles" to solve. They should present quite the challenge to the experienced player at times.

Any and all feedback regarding these levels would be greatly appreciated.
Email rott(*at*)

The levels can be download from here:

Here's the info from the README file:

MIKEMAD - Obsoletes/replaces MIKE1

Here are seven original single-player ROTT levels
create from scratch by me, Mike Miller.

These maps are intended to be played using the
original DOS version of ROTT. Use with alternative
ports at your own risk.

My levels tend to be quite massive, but due to
imitations of the game engine, most levels had
to be split up into multiple parts, so there
are actually a total of 15 levels.

I made sure I could complete all levels at
the most difficult setting. It is highly recommended
that these be played at the second-easiest setting
AT LEAST (if not at a more difficult setting).
This is because at the easiest setting, the game
gives too much away (such as telling you what
happens when you hit a touchplate or flip a switch)
and it makes the secret pushwalls too obvious.

Here are the levels included, and the approximate
amount of time (according to the game timer) that
it took me to complete the level (without any type
of cheating) at the most difficult setting:

LEVEL  NAME                              TIME (mins)
  0    Mike's Madness, Part 1             19
  1    Mike's Madness, Part 2             33
  2    Overwhelmed, Part 1                18
  3    Overwhelmed, Part 2                17
  4    Grand Plans Cut Short              9
  5    Just Give Up, Part 1               15
  6    Just Give Up, Part 2               20
  7    Pushed to the Limit, Part 1        16
  8    Pushed to the Limit, Part 2        12
  9    Pushed to the Limit, Part 3        15
 10    Interlude                          13
 11    End Game, Part 1                   11
 12    End Game, Part 2                   9
 13    End Game, Part 3                   6
 14    End Game, Part 4                   20
More levels may be added at a later date.

The final level ends with a boss (NME). Kill the
boss, and it's all over.

To play, copy all MIKEMAD.RTL and MIKEMAD.BAT to
your main ROTT directory (probably C:\ROTT)
and simply type: MIKEMAD
at the prompt.

Also, feel free to contact me if you have any
comments, questions, or criticisms about these
levels. rott(*at*)

Thanks for playing!

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