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Re: The Portal Wrench!
You can use the closed portal ball as a marker to show where youve placed a portal. The thing you can see in MP when your standing far away from a portal.

It wouldnt be to much more complex for the player to have multiple portals, 1 click makes 1 portal, another click makes another portal that links to the first portal, another click links to the previous portal that the player placed, another click links to the previous portal and so on untill the player switches weapons. When the wrench is put away, have all the portals open at once.

I had Sars origanal script, the 1 click portal making, and liked the speed but hated the limitations, so thats why I was hoping you would add it to yours, so the player can have the speed when he/she wants, and also have no limitations. I figured prime fire on wrench would be good for this because its quick, and because it would make the wrench a full fledged portal wrench.

The only real use for a portal that loops back on itself is that you can use it as a sheild that reflects enemy fire back at them. Other then that it would just be cool to have. Im not sure how you would be able to make something like that open after holding down alt fire for a set period of time, but it seemed to be the best way to make one that loops back on itself.

Also my WRENCH_EYE_OFFSET probably was 80, then I changed it to 50, which was to low, then I forgot default and just put it at 70, but since I put it at 50 I was thinking default must have been 100, because I normally half the default to see its effect.

The rotation problem only happens to me if I place 1 portal on 1 gravity plane, and then another on a different gravity plane. I have a G15 keyboard so I can see when Im on a different plane of gravity. Its like it doesnt know what to do when 1 is supposed to be rotated 1 way, and another is supposed to be rotated a different way.

At first I thought the height porblem was caused by the math of
portal1Origin/portal2Origin = origin + temp * 70;
being wrong, because a commented line is
vector neworg = origin + dir * (mag - WRENCH_WALL_OFFSET) * result;
but that doesnt seem to be the case.
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