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Re: Official Grand Theft Auto IV Thread Part 3
For anyone who hasn't taken a cab ride yet, try it. You have the option once you get in a cab to actually sit back and enjoy the ride, or skip to your destination. I sat back and used the thumbstick to look around, and it's a very authentic experience to actually sitting as a passenger in the back of a car. What's great about it is that you REALLY get to appreciate how incredibly real the gameworld is. It completely blew my mind. Just driving down a street and checking out the side crossing streets as you pass them was so authentic feeling. Seeing pedestrians going about their business, traffic lights changing at intersections that your're not even driving through, it all gives you the feeling that it's a world that is going on whether you're there or not. Seriously, I've never seen anything in a game that approached how real it all feels. I certainly wouldn't sit back and enjoy the ride all the time as it's very slow (they actually obey the rules of the road for the most part), but try it once to experience it.

Funny 360 Achievement Spoiler (non-story related):


Tried multiplayer briefly. Not even sure what game mode I was playing but there seemed to be 2 teams with no real objective other than to go nuts killing each other. I haven't actually acquired a projectile weapon yet in the campaign, so it was my first shot at the targetting system. The lock-on worked very well. I killed 5 guys in about 5 minutes of play, some with guns and some running them over with a vehicle. Anyway, I wanted to get back to the campaign, but everything in the multiplayer is as advertised. Full real world experience with a big whack of people. Didn't seem to have any performance issues either.
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