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Maxpayne Max Payne style movie : Edge of Darkness
Hey there,

I was poking around the net and found this trailer for Mel Gibson's upcoming movie Edge of Darkness.

Synopsis: Mel Gibson stars as Thomas Craven, a man who has spent years as a detective in Boston. When his own daughter is killed near the door of his home, Craven realizes that her death is only one piece of a puzzle filled with corruption and conspiracy, and it falls to him to discover who is behind the crime. Written by Oscar-winner William Monahan (THE DEPARTED)

Click the link and listen to his last line in the trailer. Some one has been playing Max Payne . Hell, it'll probably be better than the official Max Payne movie.

I found out that this movie is based on a BBC mini series made in 1985. Maybe this was also an inspiration for Max Payne? Has anyone seen this series?
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