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Re: The Post Thread - Part 2
Originally Posted by Rapture_Rising View Post
Hi quick question, this doesnt need its own thread so i'll ask it here.

Are OCZ power supply units any good? i want to upgrade my graphics card in my PC, but i need a new PSU as well, i have seen a OCZ ModXStream pro 700 Watt modular PSU that fits into my budget quite nicely but i have never heard of OCZ before.
I suppose you've already addressed your power supply issue, so this response might not be helpful. But someone else might like a recommendation.
I bought this OCZ ZT 650W PSU about six months ago, after doing a lot of research on similar models. For the price (it was $70 at the time) it fit my needs the best. The PC I've been using it with contains a 2.6Ghz G620 Sandy Bridge, 4GB DDR3, a couple of 7200rpm Western Digital Black drives, Sata DVD burner, and a 1GB Nvidia GTS250. Not a super power hungry system, but not a "sipper" either. I don't have the equipment to do diagnostic testing on the PSU (nor would I bother), but it has performed flawlessly so far.
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