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Re: The Post Thread - Part 2
I dunno, I think those forums still get too much out of hand in a hurry. Too many "fanboys" and "noobs" on there. Just didn't care for all that kind of stuff. Although the Gearbox forums are nowhere near as bad as the Steam forums are, I can tell you that, but still, just too many of the crowds that'll make the forum experience, well, not up to par, to put it nicely.

I haven't visited's forums in a while, either. Those should be more worth visiting. I'm wondering how many old 3DR folks are still there at those forums. I'm going to have to get back in the mapping and modding game for Duke3D, too, been too long with doing anything with that. Might be a bit rusty with that, but... I'm sure that it'll be worth getting back into.
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