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Re: Language for a beginner
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@Betelgeuse: If you sorta know how programming works (without having to be an expert) you should be able to quickly understand most other languages as well.

You already started working on events? Wouldn't do that, I think you should learn the basics about variables and all kinds of clauses first (if/else, while, for,... etc).

Not sure what IT course you're gonna follow but a head start isn't really that necessary, at least it wasn't for me. I stepped in there with zero programming knowledge but I learned quite quickly - and now a lot of people following the same course ask me their programming questions. Junior stuff though, not gonna code the next Duke3D source port just yet

edit: apparently his post is really old but whatever
So, when you started, did you pick up a book, or did you find some tutorials
online? I can understand the book approach, since you start at page one
and go on from there, but how are you suppose to know how to proceed
when you go the "tutorial route"? Do you just find a copy of a book's
"content tree" (outline) and use that as a road map?
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