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Re: The Amazing Spider-man 2
Personally, I was never really "into" the Raimi trilogy. Which sucks, as I'm a huge fan of Raimi's films.
But, the casting for pretty much every character felt completely off. From Tobey as Peter, to James Franco as Harry.... and even more so. None of them looked like high school students.
And... the film itself, it's like it wanted to be serious, but at the same time wanted to be campy and like the comics. It couldn't find good ground and just felt horribly uneven.

Then, toss in Willem Dafoe. An amazing actor, with an ungodly expressive and creepy face... he's gonna be the Green Goblin. Awesome. Then, they completely cover his face with an ungodly ugly and really stupid looking suit.

The new one nailed what I wanted out of a Spider-Man film. It's a more serious tale, but there is humor in there. And instead of feeling forced of campy, the humor feels more natural.
Also, they brought in one key thing about Spider-Man that the Raimi trilogy missed. Peter was a smart ass. He was always making sarcastic remarks... in the Raimi films he maybe does one per film.
It's done much better in The Amazing Spider-Man. He jokes, pokes fun... and much like in the comics, does it to the point that he causes himself to mess up at times.
It's better casting, better direction, a better looking film... enjoyable characters. Everything.

Also, I actually cared when Uncle Ben died in this one. It felt more real, more believable. It had a stronger impact and felt more real in how it shaped Peter's actions.
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