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Re: The Amazing Spider-man 2
Originally Posted by Kalki View Post
...but the same can't be said for Rhino or Electro because neither changed much beyond gaining the power to hit back and cause mayhem without repercussions.
Mostly because that's exactly what Rhino was and is. He's just a bad guy who got the power to do as much damage as he wanted.
Some times, bad guys don't have or even need emotional motivation to cause harm. They need the means. And that's what I took from Paul's Aleksei Sytsevich in the movie.
Nothing more then a bad guy given the ability to cause as much mayhem as possible. And that's all he wanted. It worked fine for me.

With Max and Electro, I don't really feel like going back and forth on him. I think he works. And worked very well.
As Max he was a sad, invisible nobody. An invisible guy who Spider-Man (in Max's mind) took the time to save. To save because, to Max, he was important to Spider-Man.
As FullMetalJacket said, he fantasized about strangling his boss and formed an unhealthy obsession on Spider-Man ... so he was already unhinged.
The change just gave him the ability to strike back at a world that had ignored him, and didn't care about him.
And, Spider-Man not remembering him and (in Max's mind) letting the cop shoot him pushed his obsession over the edge.

Max isn't a mentally healthy person made evil, he was an unbalanced person on the verge. Who was given the means to force people to notice him.
Rhino... was nothing more then a bad guy. Which some people are.

Carnage could be done btw, just like Blade was (which also had a nice relatable villain).
Blade I loved, but I don't see Marvel investing in a hardcore R rated film again. They've expressed a dislike of R ratings, specially after Blade Trinity (which was awful) didn't draw in the numbers.
And the last two Punisher films (which the first one with Thomas Jane... was awesome. Warzone was trash) failed to meet expectations.

I doubt Marvel would ever back an R rated take on another of their properties. And that would be the only way to really do Cletus Cassidy. Violent, bloody... and evil. Completely inhuman psychotic blood lust.

it's part of why Ryan Reynold's Deadpool hasn't been able to get off the ground. Fighting with Marvel on an R rating.
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