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How Many DNF's are out there?
I have seen three?

The DNF-1 I saw existed with a female Duke equivelant called Bomb Shell, it looked like a 3D game from the 90s. I don't think the game was ever near a finished game. I believe it ran on an engine by George or was it Quake 2?

DNF-2 Then we have the most famous 2001 version, which I believe was on the Unreal Engine and it was very closed to being finished. It also looks better than most upcomming PS2 games.

Then we have DNF-3, the current version where we have officially seen no in-game videos but plenty of leaked ones, and I am assuming this would be the version released. Those videos don't look like they will take FPS to the next level like Duke 3D, but great nonetheless.

So basically DNF has existed as 3 seperate games ignoring the version that was suppose to be something like Manhattan Project as it was dropped quite early in development.

or Does that count as a near complete Duke game as well?
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