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Re: How Many DNF's are out there?
When DNF was announced back in April 1997, they licensed the Quake 2 engine, but they didn't get the Quake 2 source code until about December 1997. So meanwhile a small DNF R&D team experimented/prototyped with Quake 1 tech. From when they got the Quake 2 source code in December 1997 until E3 1998(Where they showed a trailer of their work up until that point) they worked on DNF using the Quake 2 engine but with their own modifications like a new scripting language. After E3 1998 they switched to the Unreal Engine and immediately started to modify with for example with a new skeletal animation system. The Unreal Engine license included access to upgrades and in this period 3DR was constantly upgrading to newer versions of the Unreal code base as Epic was patching Unreal. In 1999 they upgraded to the Unreal Tournament version of the codebase.

All of this was while 3DR were implementing their own changes to the Unreal Engine, 1999 was also the year we first saw media(screenshots) of DNF using the Unreal Engine. At E3 2001 they showed a trailer of the Unreal Engine version of DNF. By that point they had brought some code in from what would become UE2. In early 2002 3DR started writing their own renderer that was done in November 2002. For more information see the quotes I have collected in this thread.


dcxboxfreak, I know what you are referring to but that is a misunderstanding on the word "scripted".
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