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Re: The "One-Liners/Pop-Culture References in DNF" Thread
He finds MJ's Grave and Pisses on it and say. "You be hit by, A Smooth Criminal." Then MJ pops out of his grave then Duke blows him up and says. "Beat It."

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Duke finds Master Chief crushed under a warthog and say's, "looks like this super soldier gunna be wearing a HALO"

also you find a box damp with blood and an arm and leg sticking out, Duke bellows "snake? snake? SNAAAAAKE!!!" ,said all wobbly like when he sings "born to be wild"
How bout he finds Master Chief in the same state as the Space Marine from doom then he said. "That's what happens to Jump Shot Tea Bagging Wannabee's"

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A Wax Version of Napoleon Dynamite and duke Kicks it and say "Vote for Duke."

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OK, this one has to be the mother of all one-liners. Duke's in Hollywood he finds a map of the stars. He says. "I wonder where Rick Ashley house is.....So I can Blow it to hell."
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