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yeah, you're right

anyway so I perused the guys site a bit, since I couldn't find the image he used in Google images, I thought that if he was just messing around he would have just thrown up a quick image he grabbed off Google. That's not the case.

It looks like he found this illustrator, either from working with him before or by looking for one, and either commissioned the image or asked if he could use it legally for Twitter. Says right on there 'copyright' and dont tell me after all this time that you think George would just grab an image from the internet without asking permission with HIS legal history

Now the question is, did he commission the image or ask permission?

I thinks its a bit interesting that the front pig has goggles on, SURE, you could say its because they're aviator pigs, but what if it WAS commissioned and George said "and throw some sunglasses or goggles on one of them, but dont be too obvious about it "

its possible.... think about it...

and to all the haters, I am passing time, I'm having trouble containing my brain in my skull right now and this wild speculation is helping!!!
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