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so to close up the 'pigs fly' image situation here's a rundown

1) found out that if you type "the day pigs fly" into Google Image search the image appears on the second page.

2) the image links to this blog:
this has NO relevance to anything, just giving the link.

3) I actually emailed and got a response from the illustrator who created the image, he swiftly emailed me back saying, "no, I didn't get commissioned to make the image and no one has asked my permission lately"

Which leads to my own speculation, if you'd like to hear it:

George typed "The day pigs fly" into Google image search (since typing "pigs fly" or any other variation does not bring up the image) looked around a bit, and found the image we've all seen thinking that it served the purpose he wanted it to, and posted it to his Twitter account.

SO, knowing this George went to Google, looking for something, something along the lines of "the day pigs fly" and found the image, he posted it knowing something, this is not some "oooo here's something cool I want to show everyone" post.

Now to counter my excitement I'll also offer a negative solution to this:

George is laughing at the forum and all of us because we get so bent out of shape over every little thing, so he decided to have some fun and found the image and posted it, knowing we would freak out like this.

Remember, 3D Realms doesn't have a PR dept. So they aren't very good at speaking to the press, and us.

I hope this offers enough of both sides of the issue, a solution for the DukeTards and one for the NayTards
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