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X-Files being remastered on Blu-ray starting in 2013
It appears that Fox has decided to basically remaster The X-Files in HD starting in 2013.

Similar to what CBS has done with Star Trek TNG, they will re-create the show from scratch using the original film elements (super 35mm from what I recall) and remake all the special effects in HD. The show will also be presented in it's original 16:9 (1.78 aspect ratio) widescreen format that it was shot in.

The early seasons were just edited in full screen format (1.33 aspect ratio or 4:3), even though they shot it in widescreen according to John Bartley the show's cinematographer.

I'd also like to mention that September 10, 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of the series.

I'm really excited about this. I thought that with the second movie not going over too well that it wouldn't be done. However, they did release it pretty close to The Dark Knight's original release in theatres (July 18 2008 versus July 24 2008 for the second X-Files movie), so maybe that's why it may have had a low amount of viewers in the theaters.
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