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2015 Movies
Noticed there's a bunch of movies coming out in 2015 that I'm either interested in, or I know will be a big deal. Decided to post it. Keep in mind, this isn't everything, it's mostly just stuff I'm interested in.

First off, I missed Pierce Brosnan's "The November Man" in theatres, will have to check it out on home video.

Dec 2014:

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Dec 19)
Annie (Dec 19 - I have kids)
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (Dec 26 - might get forced into seeing it)

Jan 2015:

Taken 3: Jan 9 - maybe
Paddington: Jan 16 - Based on Paddington Bear book, my wife loves this
Spare Parts: Jan 16 - Kid based movie, looks like one my daughter will like

Feb 2015:

Jupiter Ascending: Feb 6 - Mila Kunis. Maybe.
50 Shades of Grey: Feb 13 - NO WAY. Barf.
Hot Tub Time Machine 2: Feb 20 - The original was "OK", maybe on video as a freebie?
Focus: Feb 27 - Will Smith movie, don't know much about it.

Mar 2015:

Cinderella: Mar 13 - Live action Cinderella movie. Have to take daughter
In the Heart of the Sea: Mar 13 - Ron Howard movie. Could be good.
Home: Mar 27 - A kids animation movie that I've seen bits of, could be good.

Apr 2015:

Furious 7: Apr 3 - Don't care for the series, but am interested to see how they pull off Walker's death

May 2015:

Avengers: Age of Ultron: May 1 - One of my favorites I'm looking forward to most.
Mad Max: Fury Road: May 15 - Mad Max reboot. I'll check it out.
Tomorrowland: May 22 - Kids fantasy movie, will take daughter to see it. Directed by Brad Bird, though.

June 2015:

Jurassic World: Jun 12 - Jurassic Park IV. I'll check it out, but not expecting much.
Inside Out: Jun 19 - New film from Pixar. I've been looking forward to this for about 5 years since they first announced it. REALLY HIGH on this one.

July 2015:

Teminator: Genisys: Jul 3 - Terminator reboot. Not expecting much, but I'll check it out. Want to see Matt Smith.
Minions: Jul 10 - The Despicable Me spinoff. I'll check it out, probably worth a laugh.
Ant-Man: Jul 17 - Not sure how I feel about this.
Pan: Jul 17 - Hugh Jackman movie. Could be interesting.
Poltergeist: Jul 24 - Poltergeist reboot. Probably won't see it.

August 2015:

The Fantastic Four: Aug 7 - F4 reboot (although the last one wasn't that long ago)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Aug 14 - I liked the old TV show, curious to see if it works here

Sep 2015:

Hotel Transylvania 2: Sep 25 - I thought the original was quite funny.

Oct 2015:

The Jungle Book: Oct 9 - Jungle Book reboot. Loved the original as a little kid. Probably will watch.
Vacation: Oct 9 - Vacation reboot. Was only mildly interested in the original.

Nov 2015:

Spectre: This is Bond 24 - I've seen every 007 film since Octo***** in the theatres. Nothing changes here.
Peanuts: Nov 6 - The new animated Peanuts movie. Very interested in this, hope it doesn't suck.
Friday the 13th: Nov 13 - F13th reboot. Eh.
There's a Hunger Games movie on Nov 20th. Barf.
The Martian: Nov 27 - Ridley Scott directed movie. Don't know much about it except Ridley Scott's involved.
The Good Dinosaur: Nov 27 - Another Pixar movie this year. Has had some problems in development, see how it turns out.

Dec 2015:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Dec 18 - What more needs to be said about this one?
Mission Impossible 5: Dec 25 - I actually thought #4 was the best since the first, so I will go see for sure.
Kung Fu Panda 3: Dec 25 - Liked the first two.
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