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Made it out to a few of these.

Mad Max was amazing. It's big-budget filmmaking by one person's vision, rather than by committee. An anomaly by current standards.

Jurrassic World was fun. From a plot point of view, it's not strong. That said, I don't think any of the Jurassic Park movies had anything more than superficial stories and character development to them.

Ant-Man was the best Marvel movie in a while. Simple and down-to-Earth. It's a shame it arrives now, just as Marvel & DC seem poised to completely oversaturate the market with their movies and tv shows.

Terminator Genisys has lots of good elements, but didn't combine them in a way that makes a satisfying movie. I enjoyed it, but felt it could have been much better with some minor adjustments. It doesn't help that the marketing people spoiled the film's biggest gimmick in the tv trailers prior to release!
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