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My point was, I don't think life was seeded to earth purposely by alien lifeforms. It borders on the unknown, so it can be given leeway, but as a concept for a film I think it's an overused cliched form of story telling; crashed to earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, yeah, I like that premise, actually purposely seeding life to earth I dislike.

Anyway, isn't that what all the scientology nonsense is about?

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The first one made sense too. It was At the Mountains of Madness in space.
And BTW, the first Alien vs. Predator movie was At the Mountains of Madness in the present time.
Woah, I genuinely enjoyed reading the At the Mountains of Madness story. Really interesting with a few things left to the imagination!

Clear inspiration for The Thing!

Why has there never, ever been a proper film based around the novel?????

I did facepalm when I read Tom Cruises name associated with a possible film.

Guess it won't happen for ages now because Ridley Scott ****** everything up with his shit prequel which rips off the premise...


Kind of wish I didn't know about it now.
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