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Re: 'legendary game maker 3D Realms'
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Ah, when there's no news to keep them occupied, the "fans" resort to getting their jollies by bashing companies over the most trite things.
It's hardly bashing, I have respect for the developers and the efforts they made towards doing a Duke3D remake, Rise of the Triad was fun even with the issues like depth of field setting crushing blacks and making it look like poop, Bombshell looks good and the FPS prequel will be exciting. My gripe is simply that having spelling, grammatical errors and otherwise strange choice of words as mentioned in the opening post where they say game maker when anything from production studio to videogame developer/publisher would make more sense and sound less unprofessional.

Constructive criticism and feedback is necessary when the company itself seems to neglect things like this. It's the small details that make a world of difference, lots of small issues and errors ruin the big picture.
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