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Re: 'legendary game maker 3D Realms'
Originally Posted by DirtyFexen View Post
Could 3DR/Interceptor please have some consistency in their descriptions, naming schemes and such?

From the 'Old Friends' Teaser: 'legendary game maker 3D Realms'

Wouldn't a better word be developer or studio? Who the hell says 'game maker' when referring to a development studio over the age of 10?

iTunes/Spotify for soundtracks also lack capitalization and the title differs service to service (variants of 3dRealms, 3DRealms, 3d Realms)

You're supposed to be a professional studio. While these are minor things it honestly makes you guys look a tad unprofessional.
Thanks for bringing that up. I've passed this on to the execs, and all agree it's an important point. Will definitely bring this on board for future work, and see about getting some of these other things corrected.

I also am surprised I didn't notice the Bio Menace & Wacky Wheels myself, to be honest!
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