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Re: 'legendary game maker 3D Realms'
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Thanks for bringing that up. I've passed this on to the execs, and all agree it's an important point. Will definitely bring this on board for future work, and see about getting some of these other things corrected.

I also am surprised I didn't notice the Bio Menace & Wacky Wheels myself, to be honest!
Once more I feel as if I should reiterate that I by no means intended offence. I'm a fan which is why I browse these forums, it is just something that I had noticed several times in the past that stuck out to me but I suppose that can be attributed to the majority of the team not being native English speakers.

Good to hear that it is something that will be taken into consideration. You guys are always quick to respond to this sort of thing which is great!

Looking forward to Bombshell, interested in how the prequel FPS will turn out.
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