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Re: Fort hood shootings
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That's too bad but doesn't really justify going on a bloody rampage, in my opinion of course.
That was just one incident. I'm sure he had to deal with being called all sorts of racist terms and I bet he had many acts of hatred against him. I bet you would snap too if you were ridiculed for years for being different as you tried to serve your country trying to do what you feel is the right thing.
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I don't think he was a terrorist (ie: "recruited")
I think he was just someone that snapped under pressure and he took out his frustrations in a way consistent with his beliefs.
I wouldn't say he did it in a way that is consistent with his beliefs. I think he did it whatever way he could. It could have also been a "Oh you guys think I'm a terrorist and are treating me that way, well I'll show you what I'm capable of and what happens when I do a real terrorist attack." Sorta a final **** you.

He also could have done it to prove a point. Saying that he's not taking the abuse anymore. He clearly figured he would die. I mean no one thinks they would get away with shooting up a military base. Maybe he wanted to be sure that no one would treat any other American Military Muslims the way he was treated. Make them think twice about calling another Muslim anything racist. Sort of sacrificing himself for the greater good.

Who knows why he did it. But I'm fairly confident that it wasn't a terrorist attack.
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