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Re: The *new* Ultimate Max Payne 1 Vista / Windows7 issues and fixes post.
A minor problem came up with CD game versions other than English and v1.11 of the script.

It will not recognize a valid game, because I presumed the x_data.ras file would always be same size over all languages and was using that fact to determine what state the game was in, but I've discovered this is not the case. It will be fixed in an upcomming release.

for now you can temporarily 'hotfix' it yourself if you are using a different language version by editting MaxBatch.bat at line 873 where it says:
if %1==x_data.ras if not "%~z1" == "134236027" set flag_FreshGame=0

add rem in front so it reads:
rem if %1==x_data.ras if not "%~z1" == "134236027" set flag_FreshGame=0

save it and you are ready to convert
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