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Re: Birgers/JB's WinRott Port Thread Part 2
Oh, no, no. I hope not to have offended JBailey & Birgers. You both have done a magnificent work for all people who (like me¬¬) are a total disaster in MSDOS to play the old games such as ROTT. It was not my intention to offend them, and I'll be upset to think any person believed that. No ,no, it was only that the sharpened sounds appeared after changing to WinROTT 1.64, but after returning to 1.44, they were still there. And this bug had not explanation to me, as it was a sudden change, in the game I was playing with normal tone for sounds; I mean, WinROTT 1.44 always had normal sound tones, and this changed suddenly, so I was like -"what the ****??"-. But after disabling surround effects, all goes perfectly talking about the sound.
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