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Re: X-Files being remastered on Blu-ray starting in 2013
Originally Posted by Paroxysm View Post
Jeff: Sure it isn't just a moire effect due to a tight pattern on the shirt?
I was actually referring to Skinner's collar on the shirt, not the other parts. If you have the episode "Ascension" in season 2, fast forward to the 38 minute mark to see it. You'll notice that the colors will start flickering and it'll look like a rainbow (even though he has a white shirt with black stripes). Wish I could show you a sample clip, but probably not allowed here.

I think the technical term for this is called cross-chrominance (cross-color or rainbow noise).

At any rate, with a new film transfer and Blu-ray release, this will be eliminated.

One of the other things I was going to mention is that X-Files was one of the first TV shows to be released on DVD, and I believe the episodes like the above screenshot may have even been from a broadcast tape, rather than a high quality DVD transfer (eg. 24 or Futurama looks really nice for a DVD).
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