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Memories from Apogee/3D Realms #4
OK, since Bryan put me up - and Bryan, if I miss part of this, fill in the blanks. I also expanded it bit, because if I went with just "I knocked a bunch of cokes on the floor", it wouldn't be exciting at all.

In our old offices we used to have a Coke vending machine. For ages, it's been my responsibility to fill the Coke machines. We used to get cases of the stuff, and some of you have probably seen pictures of my office with the overflow stock in it over the years.

Anyway, one day we had a fresh order of Coke come in, and I was moving them around. Those who know me know I tend to overload things on the grounds of "I don't want to make more trips than I have to", so I loaded, I don't know 12-15 cases of Coke onto this dolly. Worked great until I tried to tip it backwards so you can roll it. It was stacked TOO high, and it gave in the middle, and the cases of Coke all collapsed on the floor.

As I watched, it was a proto Matrix moment, as it seemed to take forever for teh cans to fall to the floor. I tried to catch it foolishlessly, and it just made all of them fall on the floor. That's 15 cases with 24 cans of coke on the floor. 360 cans of 12oz Coke are rolling all over the lunchroom in every direction. It make quite the loud noise. What's surprising is that out of all those cans, only 4 exploded and shot their contents all over the room. I was expecting quite the geyser of Coca-Cola in the room.

Which prompted as I recall Bryan coming in from the other room, essentially going WTF. That part of the story I don't remember. But after I cleaned up a bit, someone took a picture of me. That picture is attached to this thread. It was also used as a camera captioning contest entry here.

Or, if you're not logged into these forums, click here to see the picture.
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