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Re: Camera Captioning Contest #248
Guy in black: What?? All pizza's, gone? Already? I only had one slice, you greedy pigs!

Guy in blue: Well, according to Professor Stanley Curtis of Penn State University, pigs can play joystick-controlled video games and are capable of abstract representation. He believes that there is much more going on in terms of thinking and observing by pigs than we would ever have guessed. So yeah, take that, dumbass!!

Guy in red: Guys, guys, relax! I just found this chinese take-away menu and Fred's Mastercard. I'll order chinese food for all of us. Babi Pangang anyone?

Guy in black: ...I'll have the nasi goreng, the chicken curry, the bamboo chicken soup, Peking duck, deep-fried shrimps, some dim-sums, the wonton soup, chop-choy mixed, froglegs in garlic sauce, kung pao chicken, hot and sour ribs, shrimp pan fried noodles, deep fried fish balls, braised pork veggie, seasoned tofu pork, mu-shu extra rice and some unfortunate cookies please!

(Sorry to have wasted everyone's time with this worthless piece of dialogue,
but at least you learned something about pigs today. You're welcome.)
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