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Re: \"slopes\" or whatever it\'s called
Night Hacker said:
I use a 512x512 heightmap (8bit greyscale) and find it perfect for nice smooth terrain.

This is my little project so far...

That looks really neat!

Well, I use 128x128 16-bit. The reason I have such a little terrain, it must run smooth at a very cheap computer. And the terrain features "dynamics" so I cannot store the terrain on the graphics card (which very efficiently steals my cpu). I was thinking about featuring a multi-player editor, so therefore the mesh needs to be able to be modified. And this gives me a fps at under 30 fps at this moment, even with a 128x128 terrain (+ a 64x64 mesh which is the water (which is also "dynamic")) and quadtree. The terrains is also tilebased, like the good old classics. So I can't really make it look "natural".

And you should use a 16-bit heightmap instead, it allows your terrain to be more "overwhelming"