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Re: when I was young-more like when I was dead
kick ass game

best 2 games since duke nukem 3d are when i was young and the park shadow warrior although i guess wanton destruction and the original shadow warrior were pretty good

but comparable to duke nukem 3d to me are only the park and when i was young

didn't know there were cheats for when i was young

the hardest part to me about that game wasn't the gameplay but figuring out how to get through the levels and then i guess conserving my ammo was a pain in the ass because it was sparse and hard to kill enemies with throwing stars or my samurai sword

really cool game, guess you haven't gotten to the hospital yet

anyway truthfully i think i had a hard time playing that game on hard, try easy first, and ask if you have any questions about locations of keys or whatnot, i thought it was hard figuring out how to get the key to go kill takagis enemies fu kung or whatnot but the key to that one is in the auto shop but you have to take the side door, that screwed with me for the longest time
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