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Re: CSS Stylesheet problems
Originally Posted by WoodenSword View Post
You are using CSS 3 syntax ( multiple images for the background-image property).

IE do not support CSS 3 yet. I suggest you use another approach for combining the 3 background images

see here:

Nothing was wrong in your computer because you either test it locally on a CSS3 capable browser or you test it inside dreamweaver.
I don't use Dream Weaver, but thank you for the tip about IE not supporting CSS 3.

<quote=Sang>then why would FireFox disregard it completely? </quote>
As I said above in my edit, I resolved this issue. The CSS wasn't within the HTML tags, so that's why Firefox disregarded it.

By the way, this is my site:
Feel free to give me pointers and constructive criticism, and let me know how it displays in your browser.
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