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Re: What was the last game you played: New Era
The HALO series has always been horribly overrated.
For the longest time I never saw the "awesome" that so many other people saw in them. And that's fine, I didn't have to. Everyone has their own thing... and that's what's great about gaming. There's tons of options for everyone.

But for me, Bungie are a "meh" developer. The HALO series is a pile of horrible level design, bad writing and cobbled story moments that never really mesh.
HALO 1,2 and 3 were only meh at best. They each had moments of promise... but fell flat. ODST had a great atmosphere... but killed itself with the "daytime flashback" missions and cut/paste level design.
And Reach just... bleh.

But, HALO 4 I loved. And it was there I came to the conclusion... my issues with the HALO series weren't because of the core subject matter... but the people making the games. Bungie.
Once 343 took over, they released a HALO game I thought was great. Solid level design, great gunplay, writing... actual depth and real "character" in their motivations.
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