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Re: Facebook purchases Oculus VR
I'm really trying to understand the tie-in for such big, goofy looking, clunky technology to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It needs to be clunky and claustrophobic because the tech isn't any where near acceptable otherwise, and it's as non-portable as a gaming tower. Not only that, people criticize Google glass for being an unwelcomed distraction - in the best case - if it does become popular, and everyone excuses themselves from actually being present for their responsibilities in this world, their toddlers will go climbing over the pool fence, their duties will go undone, or their managers will not be managing, and it'll be pretty easy to lose all your worldly trinkets as people just go walking off with them while you are elsewhere...

Timothy Leary, the famous acid dropping guru of the 60's was all into this VR stuff in the 90's. With no design or technical expertise at all, he considered himself a visionary of where social interaction was going into a virtual world. I think Zuckerberg is caught up in his own ego like Leary. Let's face it - being a visionary about living in a VR World doesn't cut it with digital tech gadgets. There's no way to predict the future for the devices, or their consumer acceptance. Then, even if you do great, China will come popping on the scene next year with something that will rob you of any chance of making money off of an idea even if you can shrink that big ugly box down a bit.
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