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<a href=""><img align="right" src="" border="0" hspace="5" vspace="3"></a>The Official website for Prey has been redesigned. Sporting the best of the old design, and a bunch of totally new content, you can check it out now over at <a href=""></a>.

There's quite a few new pieces in the site, here's a list of some of them:<ul><li>The features section now shows small example videos of styles of gameplay such as Gravity Flipping, Wall Walking, etc..
<li>Several game videos available in streaming or downloadable formats (E3 2006 Trailer, gameplay trailers, etc)
<li>All new "Characters" section where you can see some of the characters and read about them. An example of this is shown in the screen capture to the right.
<li>Downloadable AIM & MSN Prey Icons
<li>Downloadable Wallpapers for your computer
</ul>That's not all, either. There is a "Music" section in the site which currently does not have anything in it, but will shortly - info on what will be there is forthcoming.

Special thanks go out to the crew at 2K for putting all this together, it looks really good, guys! <a href="">Head on over</a> and check out all the changes, and download yourself a few Prey items for free!
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