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Re: Wolfenstein 3D Super Upgrades
I found an unused original mailing for the Wolf Super Upgrades today when looking for something else. I scanned in the flyer, and put it online here:

Also in this mailing was also a letter describing the various features, and an order form. Those weren't scanworthy, as the letter was just a sales pitch describing the various stuff that came with it (most of that text is in the flyer anyway). Besides, who needs an 11 year old order form for an item that has been released as freeware anyway? A few things I had forgotten about:

It was originally made only available to people in our customer database who had purchased Wolfenstein 3D. Wolf customers got a discounted price on the pack. If you bought it from us before Jan 15, 1995, you got it for $39.95. After that, it was $59.95. The verbiage in the flyer implies that this add-on was only offered to existing customers. If this was the case, it might explain the scarcity of information available for this.

Anyway, something amusing at the bottom says that we also shipped a full registered copy of Wolfenstein 3D with it, which I find amusing as it mentions "being able to use all the cheat codes", which is a reference to the v1.4g stuff that was talked about here not all that long ago.
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