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Here, I've copied my post from's forums

Didn't no one notice the the dates of the file?

Take a look at this:

I know it's in Spanish, but below are the translations:

Organization: 3D Realms
Creation date: 09/03/07 0:28
Last modification date: 29/07/08 23:04(Marked in red)
Last printed: 29/07/08 22:50

By that time, the supposed percentage of the game levels was about 60,8%

I've been playing with these dates on Excel, and found out this:

If I'm right, the last day developers were able to work on the game was on 05/05/09 (The previous day before 3DR closed down). If the dates in that file are correct and if we take them as reference (From the first day it was created, until the last day it was modified), in 508 days a 60,8% of the game had been developed. That is an approximate average of 0,119% from the total of the game levels creation per day.

It's been 280 days since the last update of that file on 29/07/08. If we follow the approximate level creation average per day, we'd obtain that an aproximate 30%~35% of the total of the game levels have been created by the day 3DR closed.

That is, ladies and gentlemen, the state of the levels was about 90%~95% finished the day 3DR shut down!!!

I can't believe they left the game when there was only 5%~10% of content left.

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