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How would you like a reveal trailer to look like?
I was thinking of something while playing DNMP on PC, and I thought if 3D realms where to make a reveal trailer, what would it look like and how would it capture the theme of the game?

My idea was a Generic FPS Shooter playing then an explosion in the middle of the screen, Duke appears with another Pipebomb in hand, saying "Get that Cr*p Outta here!", he tosses a Pipebomb over his shoulder and walks away. It explodes causing the FPS game to fall apart. With the words Duke Nukem Forever - When its done, and finally to top it off, he throws another on top of the word "When". It explodes, revealing "Duke Nukem Forever - Its done."
"AAAAAA? No, that's not it. AAAAAC? Wait, did I do B? Have you got a pen? Start writing these down!"
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