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This is just silly
I mean , from a normal view , it's just really silly, no thing takes this long , it's probably put on large delays because it's totally unimportant thing between take two who without evidence thought they would win , ... give me a break , things already got further but i think they're keeping it to prolong the time they need it a little .. DNF definately's not out this year considering they're making handheld games to even get some money for DNF.

One fact: if the case was dismissed and it was settled between parties , i think there's no more need for lawyers to watch their mouth.

When it releases the game has to be massive and i hope they know that , what are they hiding.

OKAY i agree I don't like spoilers , but just TEXT info about the status or what the heck is going on , less and less people are in forums , I know you work hard but COME ON. please

why you just don't confess you need more time , won't hurt us , WE'RE USED TO IT , we would be happy just to see if the studio is not "dead" yet. and or if things are moving at very least.
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