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Re: This is just silly
Dudes really - we are speaking about a game that was cancelled already two years ago - George and Scott are just pulling Your legs and You fell for it. Mark my words - there will be no more info, no more comments nothing about DNF until universe dies from heat death in around 27 billion years.

Well maybe in around 20-30 years on some website we will read a interview with George who will go with something like this "Apogee? 3D Realms? Duke Nukem Forever? You still remember that old shit? Yea I never intended to finish this game all I wanted is to take bets from different publishers, but time passed franchise dropped off and couldn`t make any money. Sure there was a short lived outrage but I omitted most by sayin that DNF is coming until even the most obsessed nerds surrendered. Lucky for me nowadays mostly no one remembers this crap - I made much more money on barbie pony simulator series, thank God I left this bullcrap behind me."
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