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Re: If DNF is anounced at PAX - I will ...
Come on the forums and troll like there's no tomorrow.

Then I'll over-analyze the information they do give us.

Then I'll share the love and attention with all the ambitious Jobi-esque attention whores-including our leader.

Then I'll play the Demo or game, whichever comes first.

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Originally Posted by Psyrgery View Post
No Youtube answer, sorry.

Over the last two years my GF has been insisting that I should give her an engagement wedding. Shortly before DNF's development team were let go, I told her about DNF and promised I'd do it once DNF had gone gold, released and purchased by me.

So yeah, if DNF is announced at PAX I'm definately screwed
Congratulations, Psyrgery!

If she put up with you waiting for a video game to marry her for two years, she's a keeper. Sounds like you applied the proper litmus test.

I'm adding you and your wife in my sig
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