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Re: How hard should hard be in DNF?
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If this has already been posted then my apologies, I just thought it would be nice to have a new discussion point. Anyway, in my opinion, playing Duke is also being Duke - kicking ass and not carrying enough bubblegum, that said the hardest difficulty in DNF would probably take away from that, forcing you to hide to take less damage, and all the other connatations that follow. So, would this difficulty take away some of the essence of Duke? He would never hide behind walls, he'd be breakin' balls! IMO it'd be fine, but not for the first playthrough, I think all the one liners would have less impact if you're limping around with 1 health.

Oh and I know the thread title sounds silly, but couldn't think of anything else.
lol, its a fine title

I think playing it through on Piece Of Cake once will suffice for that kicking ass stuff, once thats done then you can go back and turn on uber hard mode and try your luck. One question this brought up for me is, is DNF going to be in the same vein as most shooters these days when it comes to health? like will the screen go red for a few seconds and then health regenerate? or will it be old school with health packs? (only way to go IMO)
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