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Re: How hard should hard be in DNF?
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lol, its a fine title

I think playing it through on Piece Of Cake once will suffice for that kicking ass stuff, once thats done then you can go back and turn on uber hard mode and try your luck. One question this brought up for me is, is DNF going to be in the same vein as most shooters these days when it comes to health? like will the screen go red for a few seconds and then health regenerate? or will it be old school with health packs? (only way to go IMO)
I hope it's with health packs. Unless Duke is the Hulk, I don't think he should have regenerating powers.

One thing I was thinking of that could make things harder and a little more interesting, is to have the aliens try to do the same thing to Duke as they did to the EDF and police while they fight him. That is, they attempt to 'bring' him over to their side like they did with the others by making him into a mutant. Too many hits from the mutation gun without an applied antidote, and Duke Nukem becomes Duke Piggem.
(I saw this sort of idea from the old Wolfenstine game, where there was a Nazi Doctor who tried to turn you into another zombie by throwing hypodermic needles at you. If you had too many hit you and you died, you'd become a zombie.)

Besides, it's fun when it's hard. I don't like easy games, as too many of Star Wars games end up being that.
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