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Re: How hard should hard be in DNF?
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No. Because it would be closer to what happens in the real world, as all it actually would take is just one bullet to kill you, especially if you were hit in the head or upper torso. In the game, this ups the difficulty considerably, because Duke can't galivant about in the open anymore, but would have to reeally know to use cover and ambush tactics. It doesn't make Duke weak, it just changes the rules on how to confront the enemy.
Duke is too much badass to hide - he ripped head off from a big alien frog shooting rockets - bullets would be like mosquitos to him. He is at least as strong as a angry chimp - and man chimps can be mean and strong. 9mm wont do it just would crack their skull and not perforate. Not enough punching power - best way to kill angry chimp is to have a big sharp pointy stick with hook - and those pointy sticks are really bad, like punch through human like a hot knife into brick of butter BAD!
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