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I now have an official story about all this up on the 3DR website.

The most important part of all this (and how it relates to 3D Realms) is the following paragraph:

One final note about this announcement. It does now mean that Prey 2 & Earth No More which had previously been announced as 3D Realms titles are no no longer so. These are Radar Group titles. 3D Realms will of course be related, as Scott Miller is at both firms. Think of Steve Jobs at Apple & Pixar. It's kind of like that. Before anyone asks, this won't affect Duke Nukem Forever. Duke Nukem Forever remains a 3D Realms title, and all this Radar stuff will not affect DNF in any way, as none of the internal DNF 3D Realms staff is working on any Radar titles, other than Scott Miller in an advisory fashion.
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