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Re: The Jace Hall DNF Footage Thread
Ok, so here are my thoughts:

I think we're all going to be extremelly impressed when the trailer comes out, George knows this.

We all still see the 2001 trailer as being the best game ever in the existence of the universe and it didn't even have that much interactivity in it, go figure.

What we saw from the game in it's actual form are just the tip of the iceberg, when we actually see a proper trailer with action sequences, some interactivity, some dialog etc, I think no one will be able to see if the graphics are "bland,uncolorful,dated,etc" because we will see Duke in it's purest form, the way it was meant to be, we will see the GAMEPLAY other than just combat scenes or tiny screenshots.

The 2001 version is dated as hell, but I still would like to play that game over any other current game available. I'm sure, 2008 DNF will be that, and more....Why? simple:

1)It's Duke Nukem.
2) I don't care about the graphics, because the gameplay will sell, in it's current form the graphics are able to deliver perfectly. We haven't seen all the sunny levels or casinos people.
3)There's just NO POSSIBLE WAY that the game could turn out to be LESS interactive, just MORE.
4) There's no way 3DR couldn't have gathered a small amount of Culture/pop references in over 12 years, I do hope 3DR has done it's homework and filled DNF with them.
5)They listen to the fans, wether some people like to admit it or not, stuff get changed with time as the people give constructive criticism, etc. I think 3DR has shown the most importan stuff that would need to be changed, like Duke's appearance, some consolitis here and there (heh ) And I think that everything else is just fine, the game CAN be showed in it's final state on a trailer I think.
6) It's Duke F*ucking Nukem.