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Re: The Jace Hall DNF Footage Thread
You know, I was listening to Jace Hall on the 1up podcast just now, and despite the fact that it was, again, yet another person saying "I've seen it, it's real", there's so much emphasis placed by Hall on the fact that what we're getting with DNF is special, unique, and ultimately Duke without any doubt. It's funny, because when I saw the footage -- and probably a lot of people may feel the same -- there was very little reaction there from me. I knew it was real, and I know it's an FPS, and I know theirs pigcops and a worm, and, additionally, a forklift.

But nobody has really commented on the most important aspect of DNF up until now; a player, someone who loves Duke as much if not more than many people here, has finally actually said, essentially, that what we're getting is exactly what we're waiting for. I think, for me, that's enough to hold me until DNF is ready to show up again. It's great to see that much energy coming from someone who's in the same situation we're in (minus having played Duke of course), letting us know that the game isn't just another FPS, but a game that's going to bring us back to Duke and yet forward in many other ways.

I recommend people listen to that podcast if they haven't already. Pretty great stuff, and Jace sounds like a pretty awesome guy.
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