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Re: The Amazing Spiderman
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Watched it. Loved it.
This is what I've been wanting out of a Spider-Man film. Andrew Garfield nailed Peter Parker, and by extension... Spider-Man's personality. The sarcasm, awkwardness, intelligence... all of it.
And finally, a female love interest who doesn't sit around screaming to be saved.

Everything about this movie was great.
The Lizard did at times feel a bit rushed (character arc wise) but he was still an extremely strong and interesting character. Much better then Norman from Raimi's Spider-Man film.

Personally, I know I'll be chastised for saying this, but I enjoyed this more then The Avengers.
QFT! Thank you! I also really liked how Spidey was depicted, overall...very agile and wiry and fast, and I liked how much he used his webs in combat.
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