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Re: how would you like DNF being revealed?
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Have a faux nuclear warhead appear in Las Vegas. Countdown timer on the side. Have a faux bomb squad, faux news crew, the works to build up the story. When the counter reaches zero, the warhead opens and the disk for the DNF trailer pops out.
ahhh NICE

there will at least be a level that is finally finished that we can play. It'll be free to download on live or something. I know for sure, 3d realms releases everything. Haven't you noticed? they are the type of company that won't hold something forever, especially since they know own the rights COMPLETELY

yeah baby!!!!!!!

im waiting, and it's going to be awesome

it'd be funny if the name of the company president of take two was dr jones, you see him impaled

"we meet again dr jones"
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