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Re: What year does DNF look graphics wise today?
alex d you must admit that realtime 3d graphics did'nt change much from Half-life 2 time. And i don't care what ambient occlusion shaders you put in - things won't change much. And that's exactly what i was about. Not about new techniques and features, but about really different look. And that means that DNF would look as any other game on the market.


By the way - i'm not impressed by new Crytek engine and it's lighting model. At all. It's not realistic, it's just glamourous... (imho half life lighting still kicks ass). I'd say i more impressed by id software achievement of megatextures. They did something really special, when others just upgrade shaders.

Now a word about realtime rendering (i'm sorry guys but i have to enlarge this post a lil). "old comparing to overall computer graphics evolution" means that there are many other things you can include in your realtime renderer. Or maybe change the way you render stuff. And as example there was raytracing. Yeah sure it's damn heavy for modern gpu's, but you gotta start from something. In that case DirectX11 is not a revolution - just another upgrade. So dear mr. alex d - you did'nt get my message at all. But you act angry and blame me in all sins possible. It's not a good behaviour. Don't you think?


Yeah and about DNF. I don't care much about graphics. All i care about is a gameplay. And maybe some strippers It's good to have awe graphics, but it's bad to have it as a main feature...
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