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Re: DNF references in Starcraft II
In the gaming world, "Shock and Awe" is a more popular term and could easily be assumed as a nod to Duke Nukem and the current endeaver. One could certainly attempt to email enough people involved with the game to admit to it having some relevance. Chewing bubble gum in the same reference also makes it possible that whoever put it in there had a little bit of Duke on his mind. Often developers use popular cliches and homage characters in their inspired work. Sometimes we see something like that, and although we can't be sure, it's kinda cool to consider that these people are on the same page (unless you want to believe that "Shock and Awe" was purely inspired by the George Bush usage).

So it all comes full circle. Before Bush, it wasn't commonly used amongst Americans. Then amongst gamers it again increased in use with Duke Nukem Forever.

I'm gonna attach a picture I captured in Champions Online today for example. The Developer as a company will not acknowledge that this NPC character (found occasionally running around in Millenium City) is Duke inspired. In fact they will flat out deny it as coincidence if asked. Unofficially one of the staff said they have several Duke Nukem fans amongst their team.

Is there any doubt that this jogger was inspired by Duke?

It's a small world. I imagine that the person who made the reference in Starcraft is well aware of the well known 3DRealm statement of "Shock and Awe".

I think it's funny how people will try to claim they know otherwise, this type of thing goes on all the time in games. It's not just somebody envisioning a Duke logo on a Peanut Butter sandwich as a sign - that's just more anti-fanboy bullshit, and has nothing to do with this thread. I just can't think of a more well known usage of those words in recent gaming history In fact, other than George Bush, it's not all that common in recent years. I'd bet it goes way back to a commonly referenced military strategy.

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