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Re: UnrealEd questions
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Started up the editor to confirm the controls. mouse button plus moving the mouse moves the camera.

left click selects objects

ctrl + left mouse button moves the selected object.

ctrl + right mouse button rotates the object.

To edit vertices you have to hit the geometry mode button up on the left side by the camera. Then change the mode to vertex in the little tool window that shows up. manipulating vertices works just like moving the objects.

Another thing to check is that anti aliasing is off. selecting objects don't work when it's on in ued 2 and 3. Might be the same in in ued 4.
yeah, but with old UE, you could hold CTRL and move the mouse forward to change the brush along that axis, and sideways for that axis, you can set this in UE3, but it works just the other way around aparently and aint nearly as precise as in old UE, it does not snap to the grip properly.

but i gues just moving vertices works for now.
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